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TopProz Don’t Sell or Share My Info Policy

Last Update: 9/2/2023

If you are a resident of California, Colorado, or certain other states (including Virginia and Connecticut), you may opt out of TTopProz’s "sale" of your personal information and our "sharing" of your personal information (i.e., use of your personal information for "targeted advertising" purposes), as such terms are defined in applicable law. For more information about these practices, please see our Privacy Policy. We reserve the right not to opt you out of "sales" or "sharing" if you are not a resident of a state providing you with the right to opt out.

Cookie-based "Sales" and "Sharing"
We want to bring to your attention that certain personal information may be "sold" or "shared" through cookies and similar technologies on our Site. These cookies, small text files that serve various functions, include specific ones that collect and utilize personal information for advertising and analytics purposes.

Your privacy is our priority, and we respect your right to control how your personal information is used. As such, you have the option to opt out of these types of "sales" and "sharing" activities, which means you can choose not to allow certain cookies to collect and use your personal information.

To exercise your opt-out rights, simply click the button provided below. Please note that this choice may be specific to the browser or device you are currently using. If you access the Site from a different device or browser, reset your browser settings, clear your cookies, or use a browser that automatically clears cookies, you may need to repeat these steps to ensure your preferences are maintained.

Other "Sales" and "Sharing"

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us at TopProz. If you wish to opt out of other "sales" and "sharing" of your personal information, simply enter the email address you would like to opt out below. You only need to fill out this form once, regardless of the number of browsers you use.

Please be aware that according to applicable laws, sending your project requests and associated personal information to Thumbtack pros you haven't directly contacted is considered a "sale" for us. By opting out, you will only receive communication from pros you contact directly, which may limit the number of pros who learn about your project.

To opt out of non-cookie-based "sales" and "sharing," please provide your email address below. By doing so, you confirm that you are a resident of a state providing you with the right to opt out of "sales" or "sharing," and that you are making this opt-out request on your own behalf [email protected]..

If you are making this opt-out request on behalf of someone else, kindly send an email to [email protected] with legally sufficient proof of your authority to do so.

We value your privacy and will respect your preferences. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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